Why J.E.G

What Sets Us Apart?

The Right Mix

A building is more than just wood, steel and masonry. It's part of your company's identity and without it, it would be hard to perform the simplest tasks. That's why when it's time to build or remodel, it's so important to find a contractor with the right mix. A contractor that has both integrity and a record of performance. Someone who can balance the economics of your project, but still finish on schedule and to complete satisfaction.

Less Makes Us More

Our business was built on the principle that a single job done right is better than several jobs done over. The problem clients find today is that contractors 'bite off more than they can chew.' The more jobs that a company takes on in any one period, the less time their full attention can be spent on each. Completing jobs in quantity may help profit but it will only hurt the project quality in the end.

At J.E.G. Contracting we pride ourselves in performing work that allows us to devote the kind of attention that each project needs and deserves. This helps us keep the project on budget, to schedule and ensures high quality end results. You might not see our trucks all
over town, but when you do come across a J.E.G. project, you’ll remember the name.

Word Of Mouth

In construction, the best advertising is word of mouth. A satisfied customer is worth more than any TV commercial or billboard. That's one of the many reasons we strive for quality that's next to none. It's no coincidence then that over 90% of our business is referred or repeat customers. J.E.G. Contracting is committed to establishing long term relationships with our clients.