More than a Construction Company…

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With over fifty years of experience and hundreds of projects to our credit, J.E.G. Contracting is more than a Construction company, we're a full service commercial contractor that prides ourselves on exceeding expectations. With jobs including Pano's on Elmwood, Andersons Ice Cream, Salvatore's Grand Hotel and Trocaire College, J.E.G. Contracting has the ability to get it done right no matter the size of the job. Don’t settle on just any construction company for your project, let ushelp you efficiently use your most valuable assets: Time and Money.




J.E.G. Contracting can take care of all your commercial construction needs including excavation, foundations, framing, electrical, drywall, finishes and any other construction related task. Our in-house staff of project managers, foreman, carpenters and master electricians will be on-site, from start to finish, ensuring the job is done to specifications. 


All you need is an idea and we'll take it from there. In a design/build project, you sign a single contract with us.  J.E.G. then covers every aspect necessary to compile your project including creating blue prints, obtaining permits, estimating, budgeting and performing the actually construction. We'll take your project from conception to turn key completion. 


J.E.G. Contracting services both Commercial and Residential Electrical customers. We offer electrical install and repair services to all building types and sizes. These services include electrical and life safety design, rough and finish electrical, generators and power back up systems, service panels, site lighting and much more. 


Less Makes Us More

Our business was built on the principal that a single job done right is better than several jobs done over. The problem customers find today is that some contractors “bite off more than they can chew.” The more jobs that a company takes on in any one period, the less time their full attention can be spent on each. Completing jobs in quantity may help the contractor's profit but it will only hurt the project quality in the end. 

At J.E.G. Contracting we pride ourselves in performing work that allows us to devote the kind of attention that each project needs and deserves.   This helps us keep the project on budget, to schedule and ensures high quality end results. You might not see our trucks all over town, but when you do come across a J.E.G. project, you’ll remember the name. Taking on less makes us more than a Construction Company.