About J.E.G. Contracting

About J.E.G. Contracting

 Established in 1968 by James Kanutsu, Jim’s Electric and General Contracting had its modest beginnings but has grown into one of Buffalo’s premiere full service commercial contractors.

Jim began as an electrical repair man for Sears Roebuck in 1947. Besides Sears, Jim also worked part-time with a master electrician who saw potential in him and encouraged Jim to get his electrical license. After he did in 1959, Jim built up a small client list and in 1968 decided to go out on his own, creating Jim’s Electric. Jim was president of the company for almost thirty years until he stepped down in 1995. He now acts as a consultant and Chairmen of the Board.



John started working as an electrician full-time, under his father Jim, in 1973. After his arrival the company slowly began its transition into general contracting, starting first with residential and small commercial. In 1984 he partnered with his father and Joe Fanara, creating Jim’s Electric and General Contracting.  John became President in 1995.


Joe started his career as a Erie County Sheriff.  After an administration change caused a temporary lay-off, Joe took a job as an electrician with J.E.G. in February 1977. When the Sheriff’s department asked Joe back several months later, Jim feared he would lose a great employee.  So, Jim went to the only person he knew could convince Joe to stay; Joe’s father. Joe became Vice-President in 1995 and is Head of Electrical Contracting.


Jim, named after his grandfather and founder of the company, has been with J.E.G., in some capacity, since he was thirteen years old. In 2006 he obtained a Civil Engineering Technology degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a year later he received a Masters of Business from Canisius College.  In the summer of 2007, Jim joined the team on a full time basis.